Belleville resident and author, Dawn Maloney, will read her children’s book and host a discussion for adults.

The Sandcastle is an original short story, Christian parable illustrated for children, but a timeless, classic for adults. With many lessons and thought-provoking text and imagery for children, this book is for those that have experienced unexpected or unexplainable loss. The Sandcastle symbolizes life’s fragility, disappointments, and joys. Not only is it a tool to teach children the lesson of faith, but it is also a beautiful gift for anyone in need of encouragement.

We will discuss creation and loss in our lives, the power of faith, the belief in our greatness, and how we move on from loss. Dawn will speak from personal experience of triumph over tragedy. Bring your insights on the book and share your story of victory!

Also, bring your copy of The Sandcastle to be signed or copies will be available for purchase for $25, cash only. Order your book: Also the book is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The Sandcastle is about a young girl who builds a sandcastle that is soon destroyed by an ocean wave. The girl now must rebuild her sandcastle. Doubtful and reluctant to start over, the girl realizes her strength to build again through a conversation with her Father or a prayer to God.

It is in our conversations with God that we build strength and courage during challenging life moments. The Sandcastle is a heartwarming story of overcoming obstacles and having the faith to begin again.