Major+Money +Me = College
Facilitator: Mickey Gilbert

The beginning of a search for a college that fits the needs and
wants of a student is one of the most important steps in the
college search process. This workshop will encourage a student
to choose what they want their college experience to look like.
We will explore three distinct aspects of the process.


Workshop Description:
The student will choose from a list of 295 possible majors to
study and explore. We will discuss Concentrations, Double
Majors, Minors, and the “Undecided” choice.

The student (and most likely the parent) will consider the varying costs of a four year college education. Together we willcompare the differences between Private vs. State, Commuter
vs. Resident, North vs. South. Scholarships, Loans, and Work
Study programs will be explained and discussed.


The ME section is very personal. The student will choose the
type of school they want to attend. Through various exercises,
the students will weigh choices such as: Urban vs. Suburban,
Snow vs. Sun, Fraternities vs. Independents, and Small vs. Large.

At this interactive workshop, open discussion in each section is
welcomed and encouraged. Each student will actively work in
their own workbook and leave the workshop with the crucial
elements needed to begin their unique college search.
Anticipated workshop length: 1½ hours
Register at the Belleville Public Library