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Voter Registration: October 13, 2020
Absentee Ballots: October 23, 2020
Mail in votes: Postmarked up to November 3, 2020

This election the stakes are high and the emotions are even higher. Voting is how we make a difference in our society and how we collectively manage our government.
Those of you who may be new to the process or have recently relocated may be uncertain about how to proceed.  We have put together a few quick links for you to help you find credible official information on voting from the
New Jersey State Government elections website (

How to Register to vote:
Before you can vote you must be registered at your current residential address.
Find addtional conditions on voter registration in New Jersey here .

How to Vote:
After you have registered to vote you have a choice of methods.  Typically voters choose to vote in person at a polling station at the same time voters also have the option to safely vote from home using a mail in ballot.  Regardless of the method you may only vote once.