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Grab & Go 

Hello there.  The team here at the Belleville Public Library & Information Center has created this form so you can tell us about what you like to read and/or view.  This will help us get a sense of your taste, then choose books, DVDs and CDs from our collection that you'll enjoy.  We'll always toss into your book bag a few extra options because we know that "Grab & Go" surely isn't the same as you coming into the building and making your own choices.  

Your "Grab & Go" bag can be ready for you to retrieve as soon as the day after you submit this form.  If you complete this over the weekend, we'll have your bag ready on Monday.  Just come through the double doors on Washington Avenue to retrieve your items. 

If you've used the Library catalog to request specific titles, we'll automatically add those into your bag when you stop by.  

Grab & Go will be Monday through Friday 10am - 4pm

Questions?  Feel free to email

This service is for Belleville residents only.