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Perseverance: Nasa's next mission to Mars 2020
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Perseverance: Nasa's next mission to Mars 2020

Perseverance: NASA's Next Mission to Mars

Learn all about NASA’s next mission to Mars! The Mars 2020 Rover will look for signs of habitable conditions on Mars in the ancient past as well as for signs of past microbial life itself. The rover will be using a drill to collect core samples and set them aside on the surface of Mars for a future mission to potentially return them to Earth. The mission will also demonstrate technologies for future human expeditions to Mars, such as producing oxygen from the Martian atmosphere, identifying water resources, improving landing techniques, and characterizing weather, dust, and other potential environmental conditions that could affect future astronauts living and working on Mars. Perseverance is scheduled to land on Mars February 18, 2021.

Paul Cirillo

Paul has been fascinated by astronomy and space missions all his life and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the public.

Paul is a member of the New Jersey Astronomical Association, which operates the largest public observatory in New Jersey. He was also the founder of Somerset County’s 4-H Space & Astronomy Club and its leader for ten years.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University and is a volunteer outreach “Ambassador” for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Paul has an easy style of communicating, which allows diverse audiences to easily understand and enjoy his presentations on the wonders of the universe and how we are exploring it. His presentations always include the very latest astronomical images from observatories both on and off the Earth!

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