Internet Access Policy

Internet Access Policy
The Belleville Public Library and Information Center, as indicated in its Long Range Plan, hopes to provide the people of Belleville, through new communication and new information technology and networks, access to information and library materials that meet their diverse and changing needs locally, statewide, nationally, and globally. We are accomplishing this, in part, by having been selected as one of the first electronic doorway libraries in the state of New Jersey, through a $20,000 contract from INFOLINK, the Eastern New Jersey Library Cooperative, thus providing unlimited access to the Internet, as well as an online regional catalog and interlibrary loan system for over 1.4 million titles and a periodical index with abstracts and full text available online.

The Internet is a worldwide entity with a diverse user population. Our patrons access and use it at their own risk. The Library does not monitor, nor does it have control over the information found through the Internet and is not responsible for its content, timeliness, or accuracy.

The Internet provides access to materials that are personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals. Since the Internet is an unregulated medium, it enables some access to some materials that may be offensive, disturbing and/or illegal. Although Library staff will make every effort to guide its users to sources on the Internet, which enhance the Library’s collection, it is not possible for the library staff to use the same selection criteria, which are utilized to select other library materials. Each individual user must accept responsibility for determining content. Library personnel do not monitor or supervise Internet access, except for the length of time and use. Parents or guardians, NOT the library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Parental supervision of children searching the Internet is advised.

The viewing of certain materials in the public library may be considered improper in time, place, or manner. If the internet searching results in disruption of library services, or if patron behavior, when using the Internet resources becomes inappropriate for the library setting, the library reserves the right to end the session, as stated in its Rules of Conduct Policy.

Users have the right of confidentiality in all their activities with resources and services provided by the Library. The Library supports the user’s right to privacy; however, users are advised that because security is technically difficult to achieve, electronic communications and files could become public.

The Library endorses the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights, as well as NJLA’s Public Access to the Internet Policy, adopted January 16, 1996.

The Internet service was funded through a contract in 1996 with INFOLINK, a state-tax funded service of the New Jersey Library Network.

Policy Approved October 9, 1996 by The Library Board of Trustees